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PEarls of wistfulness

10 July 2019

It is the all too familiar narrative in a city that stakes its identity on change and consumption. We eat ourselves so that we may be birthed anew; shinier, taller and more expensive. This photo-poetry essay is a paean to loss, an homage to an irreplaceable Brutalist building and a sigh in the fight to conserve a disappearing Singapore.


100 Word Stories


08 July 2019

Hello, my love.

Yes, I’m well. You?

How are the kids?

Hahahah. I did! Ramesh looked so happy at his birthday party.

I know he’s asking for his iPad. I think I’ve found one and should be able to get it next week. Please tell him to be patient.

No. No off day today. Boss asked a few of us to help with a project. I’m just on a short break now. So I can text with you 😊

No, not so dangerous.

It’s too difficult for you to understand.

Yes, I’m very tired.

Only a few more months. Insha-Allah.

100 Word Stories is a weekly series featuring flash fiction by Mackerel and photographs by Daniel Tan.


Photo courtesy of HarperCollins Publishers.


tiong bahru book club

Join fellow bookworms as they celebrate Tiong Bahru Book Club’s first anniversary on Wednesday 10 July at 7.30pm! Yes, there will be food (it’s a potluck so, everyone brings something) AND Balli Kaur Jaswal will be in da house! Click here for more details.




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