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heritage is not a manufacturing process: in conversation with rosemarie wong

15 October 2018

Rosemarie Wong is all about heritage. In addition to The Marian and The Granary, Wong runs Ranee Boutique Suites and Ranee Artisan Gallery that specialises in indigenous Sarawakian arts and crafts. With efforts in recent years to preserve Sarawak’s arts and cultural heritage and the state government’s vision of Kuching becoming a World Heritage city in the near future, Wong’s initiatives seem to be astute and on-point.



green is the colour of my heart: 13 Oct 2018

Human nature has always sat uneasily within the cycle of the natural world: growth, loss, regeneration and extinction.

Yet how we swagger; confident, sheathed in indestructible plastic, offering up the inevitable rituals of a city, heedless of forests losing the shape of their lungs just beyond our vision.

We consume, produce what cannot decompose and drive heedless towards the precipice.

Featuring poetry by Marc Nair, music by [.gif] and visuals by Wu Jun Han, Green is the Colour of My Heart is a multi-disciplinary performance that is the result of months of brainstorming, jamming and composing across a range of genres. At its heart, the show considers our relationship with nature against the spectre of the breaking world, from imagining what it would be like to live on a plasticpelago to an ode to gymnasium babies.

Show times: Sat 13 Oct, 6.30pm and 9pm.
Venue: Play Den at The Arts House, 1 Old Parliament Lane, Singapore 179429
Price: $24
(tickets also available at the door)
Advisory 16

Provenance: 26 & 27 Oct 2018

Alice’s hoarding disorder is worsening, her home is increasingly dilapidated and her financial difficulties are escalating. With increasing desperation, Alice’s daughter, Agatha, fails to persuade her mother to move into a care home. Amongst Alice’s chaos, Agatha discovers a potentially valuable piece of art. Selling it to Caroline could solve their problems but just might send Caroline’s own life into a tailspin. How can they all prove its provenance?

Provenance explores the value we give to things and people, and the connection between art, beauty, relationships, and commerce. Should a beautiful piece of art’s worth depend on where it comes from? What happens if the balance in our relationships with people and with things tilts too far in one direction?

Show times: Fri 26 Oct 8pm, Sat 27 Oct 8pm
Venue: Drama Centre Black Box, 100 Victoria Street, Level 5, National Library Building, Singapore 188064
Prices: $30 full price and $15 concession
Age Guidance 12+



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