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A Day at the beach, 2029

13 October 2019

Zedeck Siew imagines a bleak post-apocalyptic future through a series of images and flash fiction based on Port Dickson, Malaysia.


100 Word Stories


15 October 2019

No one else coils like me, restoring your life even as you lay your weary head, comforted by my cool gel memory foam.

I remember. Everything.

My contour zones caress the ache from your limbs, gently draw fatigue and free will from your flailing bones. My springs are concentrated along your spinal area, giving you support, regulating your body temperature, lulling you deeper into my patented dream state.

You may think that I am conforming to your natural curves, but you are bending your will to me. This is your natural posture, supine, a succulent siesta for my seething silence.

100 Word Stories is a weekly series featuring flash fiction by Mackerel and photographs by Daniel Tan.


Photo courtesy of HarperCollins Publishers.

tiong bahru book club

The Tiong Bahru Book Club returns on 21 August with a gripping post-apocalyptic novel, Station Eleven, by Emily St. John Mandel. Click here for more details.


The Merlion isn’t spitting. / It is showing that / there are as many ways to speak

In this conversation with Hamid Roslan and Lee Wei Fen, language will be taken apart, scrutinised and studied for its associations with personhood and cultural identity.

About the book:
parsetreeforestfire by Hamid Roslan is a bilingual book of poetry in which poems in Singlish occupy one side of the book, and poems in English on the other.



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