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world humanitarian day: celebrating our shared humanity, our shared complexity

19 August 2018

If time is taken to ponder the word "humanitarian", it is most likely that responses would be far from simple or commonplace, demonstrating that we are so complex, layered and nuanced. And in spite of these complexities that, more often than not, divide us, there are people who are willing to overlook them and lend a helping hand. Here’s to everyone out there who’s taking the time to help someone else today. A big "thank you" to Médecins Sans Frontières, Jolovan Wham, Rani Singam and Simon Vincent for being brave enough to think more deeply about this.



NUS Arts Festival – Critical Conversations: Finding Your Voice, 29 Aug 2018

“I realised that all the books I enjoyed were about somewhere else, not my own hometown. I thought that we needed our own literature in order to know about ourselves.” - Goh Poh Seng

Three local writers from different generations who have published poetry and plays exploring our identity as Singaporeans will talk about how Singaporeans could try to find their unique voice as one nation. They’ll also delve into a discussion of what “Singapore literature” is and could be.

For anyone who is interested in Singapore literature and who continues to search for their own writing voice, this would be an event to consider.

Panel: Phan Ming-yen (moderator), Amanda Chong, Marc Nair

Wednesday 29 August 2018
7.30pm (approximate duration: 60-75 minutes)
NUS Museum, University Cultural Centre, 50 Kent Ridge Crescent, Singapore 119279

Tickets (free-of-charge with registration):



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