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alley ways

Marc Nair, 27 October 2019

The hems, or alleys, of Ho Chi Minh City are bouquets of light and shadow, twisting at surprising angles, holding a bevy of scenes and stories. Here isn’t the proverbial underbelly of the city; the floors are generally clean and people go about their daily business with quiet intent.


100 Word Stories

Photo by Jared Ho. Courtesy of SingLit Station.

Which way is up?

05 November 2019

Which way is up?

Ringside, wayside, far side.

Horses, lizards and birds

Fondling, pistols and turds.

Yishun’s declaring independence.

Murphy’s Law? Everything that can go wrong, will?

Which way is up?

Ringside, wayside, far side.

“Only in Yishun”. Malignant.

Cat killers. Burning buses. Toilet ceilings.

Brothels, bust-ups, bedlam.

The Devil’s Ring…

Which way is up?

Ringside, wayside, far side.

Stories that no one else can tell.

It’s poetry, darling.

Baying for blood.

“For shame! Kill him!”

Which way is up?

Ringside, wayside, far side.

Backbreaker. Sharpshooter. Piledriver.

That’ll do, Pig. That’ll do.

Which way is up?

Ringside, wayside, far side.


Editor’s note: We’re taking a bit of detour with this week’s 100-Word Story. We feature a photo by Jared Ho taken for the upcoming Sing Lit Body Slam: 2 Much 2 Soon (29 and 30 November 2019). It’s spoken word poetry with a generous sprinkling of pro-wrestling grappling. It’s the second instalment of, quite literally, this world’s-first, one-of-a-kind performance. We’re so glad it’s happening here in Singapore. Why not? Why not, indeed. For more information and tickets:

Keep an eye out on our
Instagram page for contest details; a pair of tickets for 29 November will be up for grabs!


100 Word Stories is a weekly series featuring flash fiction by Mackerel and photographs by Daniel Tan.


Photo courtesy of SWF 2019.

singapore writers festival 2019
1 - 10 November

November is always a good time to be in Singapore. Temperatures are cooler, there’s a little bit more rain (good and bad, but mostly good) and we get to indulge in all things literary. This year marks the first with the fabulous Pooja Nansi at the helm and it’s looking like it’ll be powerful. Identity, humanity and a book club where one can sit and just inhale it all…if you haven’t bought your Festival Pass and event tickets, you’d want to do so. Quickly.

Festival website:



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