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mackerel moments #6: consumed by ceramics - jeanette wee talks pots

21 May 2019

Does language fail us? Absolutely; all the time, whether written or spoken. A reassuring hand on the shoulder conveys solidarity more powerfully than perhaps a two-minute pledge of allegiance. Just as a swoosh of a paint brush says plenty about the hours of practice working on that one swoosh.

In this episode of Mackerel Moments, Singapore-based potter, Jeanette Wee, speaks with us about imperfection, beauty and that seemingly never-ending road to mastery.


100 Word Stories


15 May 2019

degrees is the best tilt for life. Everyone knows this.

The pitch to apprehend a screen, the slouch that announces a perfect poise between sloth and silence.

Even the chairs balance upwards, leaning attentively in to listen, like a surprisingly good first date. All the chairs do this, it is how they practice their third languages at night, chattering in a kinship of plastic legs and yellow spines.

Nothing obtuse about it; this is the gradient at which magic unlocks, while older men, oblivious, nurse their beers and guts, spending hours drinking towards the only angle that offers them transcendence.

100 Word Stories is a weekly series featuring flash fiction by Mackerel and photographs by Daniel Tan.


Photo courtesy of HarperCollins Publishers.


chill sessions at kult kafe

Spoken word poet, Marc Nair, performs to the slick tunes of Mantravine at Kult Kafe on Saturday 1 June (from 5pm). For more information:


tiong bahru book club

Join fellow bookworms as they celebrate Tiong Bahru Book Club’s first anniversary on Wednesday 10 July at 7.30pm! Yes, there will be food (it’s a potluck so, everyone brings something) AND Balli Kaur Jaswal will be in da house! Click here for more details.


Photo courtesy of Chill Sessions at Kult Kafe.


CONSTELLATION is the Southeast Asian debut solo show of street artist, Futura.

Featuring 30 specially commissioned works produced in Singapore during a two-week long residency, the exhibition will showcase Futura's distinctive abstract graffiti style in a series of bold, vibrant compositions marked by a repertoire of forms and iconic motifs he has come to be known for - characters, atoms and cranes.

Public Opening Party: 30 May 2019, 6:30 pm onwards with live DJ sets by Crazy Dope Asian$ (aka Alex Baby and Ash Ghazali), pioneers in Singapore’s hip hop scene, and Kiat, co-founder of audio-visual collective Syndicate SG.

Venue: Gillman Barracks, Block 9, #02-21, Singapore

Exhibition Period: 31 May - 9 June 2019 (12 pm to 8 pm daily). Free admission.

More information:



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